When it comes to children, as teachers and parents we want to provide them with a really good learning and living environment always. There are many qualities and characteristics which make any environment a highly effective learning one. If you wish to provide your kid with a good environment then you must be sure of its characteristics. The following are the top qualities or signs of a highly effective child learning environment.

1.    Where students raise questions and ask doubts

One quality to look for when looking for a good preschool or school for your child is an environment where questions are asked and doubts are raised. This ensures that the teachers encourage doubts and are ready to answer to the curiosity of the children.

2.    A place with a happy vibe

Environment has a lot to do with the kind of vibe the place has. And for a place where learning is imparted, the vibe must always be positive and happy. Children or kids won’t be encouraged to ask questions or learn freely until they feel happy being in that place. Thus look for a preschool which is colorful, vibrant and appeals to your child.

3.    Various learning models are used

Gone are the days when a single learning model was used to impart knowledge. These days, a major characteristic of a highly effective learning environment is using varied and various learning models.  Some learning models include inquiry based learning, direct instruction, project based learning, school to school learning, elearning and peer to peer learning etc.  The diverse nature of learning can encourage kids to open up their minds more and this motivates better knowledge building and exposure.

4.    Personalized learning and attention

If you are looking for a school or preschool with a good and refined learning environment then look for one where personal attention and knowledge is imparted to each of the pupils. This will help your child develop more and quicker. These learning environments are equal for everyone, no matter the brain or learning level of the child.

5.    Regular tests, assessments are conducted

It is true that pressure can sometimes prove bad for children but it also encourages them to learn more. This is why it is great is a child learning environment has assessments of various kinds conducted on a regular basis.

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